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  • Vashon Time Exchange Launches with Community Teach-In
    In this time of Covid-19, particularly here on Vashon as we move toward fall and the coming rainy season, time feels different for many of us in 2020. Some folks have more time on their hands than ever before and feel an accompanying sense of isolation from the larger community, while others are facing the […]

  • Virus Rent Fund
    Vashon, You have been so very generous. I can not thank you enough for the outpouring of support you have shown for all our neighbors. Helping keep people and families housed is the best act of kindness I can think of. And I thank each of you from the bottom and top of my heart. […]

  • VIPP Fur Ball: The Quarantiniest Fur Ball Ever!
    Vashon’s biggest party and benefit of the year returns this fall… home! That’s right, to ensure the safety of all who participate, the Vashon Island Pet Protectors (VIPP) Fur Ball is online, and it promises to be the Quarantiniest Fur Ball Ever!  The online auction is set for October 1 – 24, 2020. VIPP’s Online […]

  • On Our Way To Mars The September VALISE show
    VALISE Gallery Presents: On Our Way to Mars In our dreams some of us are boarding spaceships with our loved ones, packages of vegetable seeds and buckling in for the long trip to Mars. Starting over on a brand-new planet seems pretty inviting right now and a great adventure is what we humans love. So […]

  • On Approval
    As kids, we didn’t waste much time seeking approval, my grades would prove that.  I was more interested in reading comic books than doing the chores.  In fact, there was an advertisement in the back of my “Superman Comic” offering a glittering collection of “stamps on approval,” which I sent for.  I used the stamps […]

  • Joyful Resistance Redux
    Dear Hearts, This column is a rerun. It first ran in 2016, soon after our current president was elected. I am dealing with medical issues and have not been able to write a new essay. Here’s the old one: This morning the cat gingerly, tenderly, on little cat feet, balanced on top of my radio […]

  • Huzzah for Hamburgers!
    You could make a package of ground lean beef or bison into meat loaf, but then you’d have to heat up the oven. and the weather is seldom cool enough for that yet. You could grill the meat at a picnic as burger filling. But evenings have cooled off quite a bit, and we’ve even […]

  • A Real Rat’s Nest
    Political violence is increasing at the same time that a civic consensus on how to maintain order and protect the public is breaking down.  The murder by police of George Floyd was only the “last straw” in a 400-year persecution of people of color in the US.  Thanks to the wonder of cell phone video […]

  • Postal
    “You give out hope like it was candy in your pocket….”         Abby, in ‘the Postman’ I can’t say exactly when it was that I became a bit fascinated with the United States Postal Service. I can say it is not an obsession- fascination works perfectly well here. I can remember in the fifth […]

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Do you know what to do? What would you do if your home were damaged so bad you could not stay there? How would you cope with the power being out for seven days or longer? How would you help your neighbor? Making sure that not only you are ready but so will your pets.

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