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  • Sound of Metal One Night Only
    Blackgammon was a band comprised of Louise “Lou” and Ruben, who traveled across the United States with their form of rock. A genre that, in time, began to degrade Ruben’s hearing. Which, with being a former heroin addict, matching Lou being a former cutter, not only had the potential to rock their refrain from self-harm […]

  • Parents – It’s Time To Enroll Fall 2021 Kindergarteners
    Kindergarten 2021-22 holds the promise of full days in person with eager teachers and boisterous classmates. That first day in school is sure to be an indelible memory, filled with play and friendship. If your child will be five by September 1, now is the time to enroll them in kindergarten at Chautauqua Elementary School […]

  • Second Time Around
    “You see that cruiser out there with the big bow wave and huge wake,” I asked John.  We were out on my deck, drinking single malt and smoking Dominican cigars, while we passed each other singular non-sequesters.  “Dad would say that he’s pushing too much water which he equated with poor boat design.” John’s response […]

  • Second Amendment Rights (and Wrongs)
    “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” This is the Second Amendment in the Bill of Rights. Conservative Supreme Court Chief Justice Warren Burger on the Second Amendment: “The Gun Lobby’s interpretation of the Second […]

  • Feast Your Eyes
    A real feast for your eyes is not merely beautiful, but also superb nourishment that promotes eye health. Want to keep your night vision? Avoid macular degeneration? Counteract the fatigue of working under fluorescent lights?  For the vitamins and other nutrients that support eye health, go for raw or lightly cooked colorful vegetables, also eggs. […]

  • The Dollar Rules
    John Locke lost a lot of luster in my estimation as I read the other night that he was a major philosophical contributor to the ethic of profit at all costs.  The origin of capitalism (and modern science) is largely attributed to John Locke’s time, the Enlightenment, which began about 400 years ago in Europe.  […]

  • The Walk
    It didn’t really start out as a walk. As it was, our rescue Pitbull, who is known at different times as Elle, Ellington, Miss Bugs or Furious E, and doesn’t reliably respond to any of them, had had surgery on her back legs and was required to slow down and do controlled walks while healing. […]

  • Mukai Farm and Garden Launches Second Annual Haiku Festival and Contest
    During March and April 2021, the Mukai Farm & Garden on Vashon Island will sponsor its first Haiku Festival, a juried competition for people of all ages to submit their haiku poems to compete in the following categories: •    Heritage Award: Most eloquent portrayal of the history or some other aspect of the Mukai Farm […]

  • Second Time Around
    John and I compared Covid-19 shots and the damage they could do to you.  A week after the shot, the black and blue patch on my right arm looks like master sergeant’s stripes that have been ripped off.  Both of us sniveled a bit at the inconvenience and pain. John told me to quit whimpering […]

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