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  • We’re All Dealing in Our Own Ways
    Some of us do not know anyone who has become ill, or died, in the coronavirus pandemic, yet. All the same I will begin by expressing my condolences to you who have lost people in this pandemic, or have loved ones who are currently ill, or loved ones who are fighting the virus as medical […]

  • Playing Naked Indian
    ‘Where are you going with My stepladder?! ‘ John’s mother yelled out the kitchen window.. He and his  friend Gene were passing by with an old stepladder they had ‘liberated’ from the root celler. ‘We need it for our new clubhouse’ , the boys responded. ‘What do you mean… new.. clubhouse?  What’s wrong with Playhouse […]

  • Potatoes for Your Salad Days
    A recent issue of Seattle Times carried a color-photo story about 250 acres of potatoes being about to get plowed under.  What could that farmer be thinking of? As Mike Pink, the potato farmer,  told the Times reporter, there was no point in nurturing his potato plants to maturity and then spending time and energy […]

  • Mukai Farm & Garden First Haiku Festival Contest Winners
    The Mukai Farm & Garden offered its first annual Haiku Festival and Contest in early April to inspire people of Vashon Island with the beauty of haiku, an ancient form of Japanese poetry. Haiku poems are three lines of five, seven, and five syllables. In lieu of the usual meetings and celebrations at the Mukai […]

  • Climate Change in Changing Times
    I recently watched several videos captured on youtube illustrating the new emergence of wildlife in human developed areas around the world. Scenes of mothers of various species with their offspring in tow, busy exploring empty streets and parks. One video described the changes in Venice, the waters now clear without the disruption of countless boats, […]

  • The Twilight Zone
    As we move further into this true-to-life Twilight Zone, I can’t help feeling sad, scared, and anxious, but I have to admit that I also feel a bit excited—the way one may feel excited about a coming hurricane or some other powerful, larger-than-life event.  I also have to admit that as I’ve adjusted to the […]

  • Heritage Museum Announces History Contest Winners
    “Vashon is worthy of a poem!” So explained budding poet Josie Reiling, one of the winners in the 2020 contest held by the Vashon Heritage Museum for 9- to 11-year-olds, or 4th and 5th graders, each year. Thanks also to our sponsors who make the contest possible, Thriftway, Puget Sound Cooperative Credit Union, and 4Culture. […]

  • The Man in the High Room With Stuff
    A bit before everything stopped and the physical journey could no longer be the destination, I already had the feeling the walls were closing in. In many ways, the situation was somewhat akin to the mythical tale of the frog in the slowly warming pot of water- in other ways it bore a striking resemblance […]

  • Vashon Farmers Market Closed for Summer
    Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the current virus statistics here on Vashon, and the staggering list of state and local, health and safety requirements that would have to be met in order to operate a safe, and welcoming, Market, VIGA has decided to keep the Farmers Market closed for the remainder of the 2020 season. […]

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